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Global Warming Lecture by Michael Hammerschlag- Kiev Mohyla Univ
ARE WE COOKED?- Global Warming Worse Than You Think  8 Recent Scientific Findings each show warming will be much worse than worst case estimate; 850,000 yr old 4 km Antarctic ice cores prove radical temperature changes 5-12C happened as fast as 3 years; CO2 generation exploding from Chinese (+ Indian) coal power plants; Methane's threat from melting tundra and gigantic ocean bottom methane hydrate deposits (twice all other fossil fuels combined!); High altitude sulfur from commercial jets have cooled the whole earth 1 C- so real global warming is over double what we see, and airline collapses could instantly raise worldwide temps; 1/3 of Gulf Stream not flowing North; 1/3 of warming from black atmospheric soot from soaring coal burning; Catastrophic ice sheet collapse into deep ocean could make worldwide killer tsunamis; 8 Feedback loops multiply effects many fold, inc. ice pack going from 90% reflecting to 80% absorbing; CO2 in oceans released as it gets warmer; increased CO2 in ocean dissolving limestone shells, deforesting a WA state every year; Interviews w 5 top GW scientists fm Nasa Goddard, UAlaska, USGS, UCLA 
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